Tips and tools I’ve learned to make time for the things that matter

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Time Management is an important skill for anyone. Particularly for those who are in roles that come with context switching, interruptions, a large area of responsibility, etc.

It’s not uncommon in my travels to meet leaders and Product managers who are struggling to get on top of their day.


You have a strategy AND a roadmap, they’re two different things.

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Often I hear that roadmaps are part of your strategy layer. I’ve for many years struggled with this notion. Rather to me, they are a translation layer that sits between your strategy and your day to day work.

One google of the term ‘Product Strategy’ and you’ll find a dozen…

An unconventional view of what it takes to be a Product Leader

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*Note: this is a revised and updated version of a guest blog I did for Department of Product, titled: ‘Unconventional advice for transitioning to Head of Product’ — check it out!

As someone who’s been fortunate enough to have coached dozens of Product Leaders and have walked in their shoes…

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A recent survey conducted by Product Management Festival found that the number one reason why PMs leave their roles is because of a lack of opportunities to grow. Worse only 15.5% of respondents stated that developing people and capabilities was a top focus of their organization.

Couple this with 35%…

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