First off, amazing article! Second, this example from John Cutler reminded me about something which Dave Snowden is known to talk about in regards to experimentation. Which is the idea of ensuring that you have both a “dampening” criteria + action, as well as an “amplification” criteria + action.

What he means is that we should not only have a statement which says we know we’re succeeding and therefore will start to scale in this way, but we should also have a statement which says we know we’re failing when and we will, therefore, do blah to dampen it (or pivot).

Often we follow highly popularised hypothesis driven development statements which conclude with something similar to “we know this to be true when….” however as crucially there's also a “we know this is failing when…” and also “we’re gonna kill it when….” and the actions of the back of each will be very different. There’s benefit in being explicit on each of them upfront.

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