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  • Jacob Harrison

    Jacob Harrison

    Agile Coach & Scrum Master

  • Silvia Tower

    Silvia Tower

    Product management, yoga, and sailing. On Medium to learn, connect with other writers, and be creative

  • andrea saez

    andrea saez

    Product Thinker 🤔 | Creative 🖋️ | Asker of many questions | To see all blog posts by theme go to https://bit.ly/3M3VPyg

  • Sherif Mansour

    Sherif Mansour

    Turns out building simple product isn’t so simple.

  • Julia Nechaieva (Lorien)

    Julia Nechaieva (Lorien)

    👩🏼‍💻 PM Lead @ Creation Youtube Live. 👩🏼‍🎓 UC Berkeley Haas MBA. Creator of http://pmdaisy.com. 🇺🇦-born, 🏠 San Francisco. Enjoying ⛷️⛵🏍️🎨

  • Cláudia Delgado

    Cláudia Delgado

    I’m a Product Manager and I work on software products. Sometimes I write short and simple articles about this craft. https://twitter.com/claudiatd

  • Productized


    Through workshops, courses and coaching, we seek to contribute to the relationship between people and their organizations to build better products. Welcome!

  • MAA1


    Product at Intercom, author of "My Product Management Toolkit" and “Managing Product = Managing Tension” — see https://bit.ly/3gH2dOD.

  • David Webb

    David Webb

    Product leader passionate about people, product and technology.

  • Brad Dunn

    Brad Dunn

    Product Management Executive 🖥 Writer 📚 Tea nerd 🍵 Machine Learning Enthusiast 🤖

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