Great article Brandon Chu! I particularly like this analogy for a PM — that they are like coaches on a sports team. This is something that I’ve been giving great thought of late — coming from an agile coaching background myself I know the disproportionate impact a coach-style leadership can have on a team.

In my current role coaching PMs and helping companies be more product centric, I think there is a lot of merit to this evolution of the role. I often wonder if the term “Product Manager” is even still accurate. I know with the creation of the scrum framework, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber attempted to solve some of the issues with the traditional PM role by creating a new role — the Product Owner. However due largely to the rapid digitization of the world, the PM role itself had to evolve greatly over the past decade and now possibly has even outgrown Jeff’s and Ken’s original PO concept.

If anything I’m beginning to use the term “Product Leadership” as a more accurate term for the role today. No longer are we managing a product but rather we are leading the product direction and creating the conditions for the team to be high performing and do amazing work.

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