Thanks! and yes agreed — product is all three of them. It’s the fabric that holds them together!

When I say “product” in the terms of those venn diagrams I’m really referring to the role “Product Manager” or “Product Owner” (or whatever you call it at your org). The point of the visuals is to highlight how we approach roles and responsibilities within Product Teams.

Sorry if that made it more confusing, perhaps I should have written Product Manager, Product Designer and Engineer instead, rather than trying to keep it generic. It was the reason why I touched on Martin Eriksson's famous description of Product Management (which I agree with) as the intersect of Business + Users + Tech to highlight that yes product is all three but for the purposes of the article I wanted to focus on the roles themselves.

From a role perspective, although yes, as a Product Manager you are indeed at the intersect of all three, the gap you generally fill within the team is the ‘viability’/biz side of the fence.

But you are right, none of them are in isolation, they all need to work together when it comes to building products!

So glad you've experienced this too, not too many have!

Hope that makes sense and clears things up.

Product person, agile nerd and cat herder 🐈 Find me at

Product person, agile nerd and cat herder 🐈 Find me at