The Earth is Flat and Apparently Facts Don’t Matter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why facts don’t change our minds

Going the ‘extra mile’ a man brought a spirit level on the plane to prove that the world was flat.

Why facts don’t matter 🤯

Just because you believe you’re ‘right’ doesn’t make the other person wrong.

Brain-stress aka Cognitive Dissonance 🧠

1. Ignore or deny the conflicting information

“Prove it! You haven’t seen it with your own eyes so how could you know.”

2. Justify our view by adding a new belief

Solar/moon cycle being replicated on a flat earth…

“But the same sun and moon pattern can be achieved on a flat earth.”

3. Altering the perception of the conflicting information

“It’s a conspiracy, some kind of computer simulation!”

4. Change our view to conform

Acceptance. Changing your mental model to align with the new information.

“Wow I didn’t know that, it makes total sense, the world must be spherical!”

Return to earth 🚀

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